About Us

Intelligent Solutions. We believe that intelligence is a state of understanding that results from the desire to learn, and the desire to assist. This begins with our team, and extends throughout our methods of assessment, analysis, delivery, and execution.

C&D Strategic Consulting is a professional services firm providing knowledge-based, industry-tested solutions for businesses and organizations. In the market, we are recognized for our ability to impart expert advice, for our understanding of industry dynamics, and for delivering exceptional results.

C&D Strategic Consulting provides Management and Recruitment Consulting solutions to support strategy, operations, and human capital requirements. Our experience spans industries and aligns with the functional areas that support a business.

An intelligent solution is one that extends the scope of learning, creates intended value, and delivers ancillary benefit. We accomplish this goal by virtue of our team, our client-focused and relationship centric approach, and our unique business model. Our team consists of knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate professionals who are recognized leaders in their areas of expertise. We are inspired by creating opportunities for our clients and by scholarship in our fields of interest.

We appreciate the importance of service, solutions, and results that your clients expect of your organization. In any engagement with our firm, we operate as an extension of your organization and represent your business with the highest levels of integrity and ethics; the same standards that we place upon ourselves. Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum value from our engagement and we believe that developing a strong, substantive relationship will help to facilitate this result.

Our business model enables our clients to gain significant advantage in our engagement. We are able to assess our clients’ strategy and operations, and provide measurable solutions, which they can implement. As part of our assessment, or as an independent mandate, we can address your human capital requirements, and work with you to ensure that the proper team is in place to lead your organization to success.

The Result: Our clients work with seasoned industry experts who can address their specific Strategy, Operations, and Human Capital requirements.